The AI-Powered Iron Man Suit of Google Ads

More Efficient Search inventory

Account-level negative keywords, campaign-level brand exclusions, and page feeds can help you maintain brand suitability, exclude unwanted traffic, and refine your results at scale.

Account-level negative keywords are like a shield that protects your campaigns from unwanted traffic and helps you focus on high-converting queries. You can add negative keywords at the account level, which applies to all campaigns that serve on Search and Shopping inventory, except Discovery campaigns.This means we now have a way to exclude keywords from Pmax campaigns without having to go through the support team, speeding up the process and providing us with more control over the search queries the Pmax text ads are shown to.

Campaign-level brand exclusions are like a superhero utility belt that gives you more control over which brands your campaign matches, including your own brand. These exclusions apply to Search and Shopping traffic in Performance Max, and you can add different exclusions for each campaign or use shared lists across multiple campaigns. We already tested this beta on Search campaigns to exclude competitor brands, and soon the Pmax ones will also have the same chance.

The Final URL Expansion was a setting available from the very beginning of launching Pmax campaigns, and it gave the AI a chance to match landing pages to intent and assets, much like a DSA-focused campaign. However, now we will have a chance to upload Page feeds that will help refine your results when using the final URL expansion feature. This can inform and guide Google’s AI to understand that these URLs are important, but does not restrict its matching to them.


Test the Incremental Power of Turning Your Pmax Suit ON

Experiments are like test flights for your Iron Man suit. We now have two options for experiments with Pmax – you can use them to test incremental uplift of conversions (or conversion value) by adding Pmax to your mix of campaigns targeting non-shopping inventory, OR you can test Pmax vs Standard Shopping campaigns head-to-head. It’s like putting your Iron Man suit against another superhero’s suit to see who comes out on top.

To use experiments effectively, you need a clear hypothesis and metrics to gauge success. It’s like having a battle plan before going into a fight. You should use the same campaign settings, bidding strategy, and targets as your base campaigns for accurate comparison.

Unleash the Power of Video Assets with Google’s AI solutions

After testing it as a separate beta tool available under the umbrella of YouTube, Google has now integrated the Video Builder tool under the Asset Library within the Google Ads platform, available to all advertisers worldwide. After mastering responsive search ads, we discovered this tool, which is like having a hidden superpower within the Iron Man suit that allows you to create compelling high-quality videos that captivate your audience and convert them into customers. Running a Performance Max campaign without an uploaded video will prompt Google to automatically create videos in the formats and layouts available in the Video Builder, so it’s better to experiment with the tool on your own and choose which specific text and image assets to use, thus keeping creative control.


Boost Your Pmax Suit Performance with Advanced Insights & Reporting

Finally, the new reporting and insights features are like a Jarvis that helps you understand your Iron Man suit’s performance and optimize your it. Asset group reporting (we are REALLY excited about this one!) and budget pacing insights can help you get a deeper understanding of the campaign results and the potential for growth and efficiency of your campaign. They will also help you answer questions like, “Which asset groups drive the most conversions?,” and “How much more can I scale my Pmax campaign?,” and facilitate the development plans for maximizing the conversion volume and ROAS of your Google Ads account moving forward.
In conclusion, Performance Max offers a range of powerful features to help businesses maximize conversions across all Google advertising channels. We already implemented the 2022 Pmax updates that elevated our strategy, and the latest batch of upgrades is right on the nose with this goal. By upgrading the Iron Man suit of Google Ads with the latest Pmax updates, advertisers can unleash their inner superhero and achieve greater success in their advertising efforts.

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