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White Pine is recognized as one of the world’s leading recycled diamond and jewelry companies. Our experts carry decades of industry experience and have established trusted relationships with thousands of businesses worldwide. See what our clients are saying about us here


We have what you need. As one of the largest aggregators of melee in the world, we have a massive in-stock inventory available at your disposal. Orders are delivered same or next-day.


Honesty is everything. Unlike our competition, we publish and distribute a fully transparent price sheet within the industry. What you see is what you pay.

Price Quotation

We will contact you to discuss the project and provide you with an immediate quote – or you can contact us.

Online Approval

Allow 3-4 days for the CAD file, which we will email to you for approval.

Casting, Setting & Finishing

After approval, allow 7-10 days for casting, setting and finishing.


Upon completion, the finished piece can be picked up from our office or shipped to you directly.

Why Choose White Pine As Your CAD Jewelry Service Provider

At White Pine, we’re experts in CAD technology and offer a range of digital jewelry design services to help smaller businesses in the jewelry industry stay competitive and meet the changing needs of their customers. Here are the benefits of working with White Pine:

  • Cost Effective

    With limited resources and budgets, we understand how challenging it can be for smaller retailers to invest in the necessary technology and skillsets required to bring their unique jewelry designs to life.

    That’s why we make it a priority to offer affordable pricing when it comes to outsourcing CAD jewelry production services. You get the exact piece you want, and still have budget left over for other crucial aspects of your business like marketing, inventory, and customer service.

  • Exact Precision

    Accuracy and precision are critical when it comes to creating custom jewelry pieces. At White Pine, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every CAD jewelry design is created with the utmost precision and attention to detail, so you can provide your customers with the exact piece they envisioned.

    Whether you need a simple design, organic shapes, or a complex, multi-layered piece, you can trust us to deliver a 3D design with exact precision.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    At White Pine, we understand that time is money, and that’s why we offer a quick turnaround time for our CAD jewelry design services. Whether you have a large project or a small one, we can accommodate your needs and deliver high-quality CAD designs in a timely manner.

    Our efficient process ensures that you can get your jewelry designs to market quickly, and meet the demands of your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A CAD Jewelry Service?

    CAD (Computer Aided Design) jewelry is a tool used for creating custom jewelry designs using advanced computer software. CAD software allows for highly detailed and precise designs to be created, which can then be used to create a physical jewelry piece using a variety of manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing or casting.

  • What Software Programs Are Commonly Used For CAD Jewelry Design?

    Commonly used CAD jewelry design software programs include RhinoGold, JewelCAD, Matrix, and 3Design. These programs offer a range of features and tools that a jeweler can use to create intricate and detailed jewelry designs in 3D modeling.

  • How Can I Find A Reliable And Experienced CAD Jewelry Designer?

    To find a reliable and experienced CAD jewelry designer, it’s important to do your research and look for designers with a strong portfolio and positive reviews from previous clients. You can also ask for recommendations from other professionals in the jewelry industry or attend industry events and conferences to network with designers and learn more about their work.

  • How Long Does It Typically Take To Create A CAD Jewelry Design, And What Factors Can Affect The Timeline?

    The time it takes to create a CAD jewelry design can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the designer’s level of experience. However, on average, a simple design can take a few hours to create, while a more intricate design can take several days or even weeks. Other factors that can affect the timeline include revisions, approvals, and the availability of materials.

Diamond Recutting & Cutting Services

White Pine recuts thousands of carats of recycled diamond per year. Located in India, the factory uses the latest technology and is staffed with experienced diamantaires. This combination of technology and expertise allows us to achieve the precision of diamond cut that is demanded by the modern jeweler.

White Pine will recut your broken diamonds and recycled diamond for you. We can achieve any cut grade that you desire, including triple excellent (XXX). If a stone is at a critical weight, we will provide options, so you can determine the best economic outcome. The recutting process takes approximately 90 days.

Increase The Value Of Your Diamond Inventory With White Pine’s Diamond Sorting Services

The diamond sorting services you can count on to improve the value of your diamond stocks. Our diamond sorting experts sort fancies and rounds by color, clarity and cut to GIA grading standards.

White Pine processes tens of thousands of carats of recycled diamond every year and will sort your stock, quickly and efficiently. We can also boil your diamonds if necessary.

Our service will save you valuable time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business and the rates are very competitive and produce positive ROIs.

How Diamond Sorting Services Can Help Produce Positive ROIs

Increase the value of your diamond stock by utilizing White Pine’s diamond sorting services. We will prepare custom, tailor-made assortments at your direction so you can maximize the value of your parcels.

We can also purchase any inventory that you no longer wish to keep.

The whole process takes approximately 2 weeks.

Synthetic/Lab Grown Diamond Testing

White Pine offers diamond testing services to check that your diamonds and parcels are natural and contain no synthetic stones. We use the De Beers Synth Detect machine that allows us to carefully, yet efficiently, identify each stone as either natural or synthetic. We’re constantly testing our own stock of natural recycled diamonds, thousands of carats each month. Diamond testing results will be provided within 2 business days that the goods are received.

We are able to sort out any synthetic stones from your parcel if necessary, to leave you with 100% natural diamonds. Our machine can test for HPHT with 100% accuracy. It is possible that the machine picks out diamonds as synthetic that may be natural. In these instances, we will pull the stones aside to be cautious, but further testing at a diamond lab can confirm the stones as either synthetic or natural. The finished product that you will receive using our testing service is a parcel of 100% natural diamonds, and a parcel of any synthetic or questionable diamond found through the testing process.

Diamond Picking

Utilize White Pine’s complimentary diamond picking service. Send us the specs for your piece, either a CAD file or a regular list and we will pick and bag the diamonds for you exactly as required. Join the hundreds of jewelers that currently utilize this service.

Diamond Setting & Jewelry Polishing

White Pine manufactures thousands of pieces of its essential diamond jewelry locally in New York City using our stock of natural recycled diamonds. We use some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced jewelers to set our jewelry and we’re offering the same opportunity for all our customers to take advantage of.

Send us in your mountings and castings and we’ll have our expert jewelers set, polish, finish, or remove the stones to your specific requirements. You can either send us the diamonds for the pieces or we can supply from our recycled melee diamond stock. All setting jobs take approximately 1 week to complete. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and any additional work on a piece required is free of charge.

We can handle any quantity of pieces you need set and look forward to bringing your layouts and custom pieces to life. We can ship the finished pieces back to you with overnight delivery or can drop ship directly and discretely to your customer right from our office.

Diamond & Jewelry Inventory Appraisals

White Pine offers appraisals for insurance purposes. Send in your jewelry items and our expert jewelry evaluators will do a full appraisal of your item. Each appraisal is $50 per item and will be completed in as little as two business days.

Our experts have decades of experience valuing and appraising jewelry and carefully evaluate each item thoroughly as to make sure it gets the most honest and fair market valuation possible. We test the metal of the piece using our Thermo Scientific tester, weigh for gram weight, and evaluate each stone as to strict GIA standards to get the most accurate grading and total diamond weight of the piece.

We also test the diamonds on the piece with our DeBeers Synth Detect machine to gauge whether the diamonds are natural or synthetic. White Pine also offers services for insurance replacement values and claims.

Meet White Pine’s Management Team


Ben went to school in the UK graduating from Oxford University, UK, in 1993 with a BA Hons in Earth Sciences (Geology). Ben has a family background in the diamond trade , his father worked for De Beers for many years. Ben did a number of jobs straight out of university related to diamonds, including several months in Southern Africa working with the De Beers geologists. prospecting for diamond – bearing kimberlite rock. Back in London. In 1994, he joined Ernst & Young qualifying as a chartered accountant before moving to New York to return to the diamond trade , joining Michael Werdiger Inc., a diamond and jewelry manufacturing firm. As a vice-president he worked in a number of roles including Marketing Director. Ultimately, he became Chief Operating Officer of Eloquence Corp., which specializes in distributing jewelry products containing diamonds that are less than a 1/5 carat to retailers in the US. In 2010 Ben became fascinated with recycled diamonds and founded White Pine focusing in the recycling of second hand diamonds from consumers and the trade. The company quickly grew to become one of the largest recyclers of diamonds in the world.


Matthew is from Port Washington, New York. He attended SUNY Oneonta where he graduated from in 2016 with a degree in Business Economics. He began working at White Pine in September of 2016, where he has assumed a number of different responsibilities and titles. Matthew started out working in the finance department, but in June of 2017, transitioned to jewelry sales where he served as the in office account manager for the West Coast and Mid – West regions. Coming from a family background of recruiters, the transition to sales was smooth. Matthew also has been White Pine’s trade show manger since September of 2017, where he has overseen the organizing planning, and marketing of the company’s trade show efforts. Since May of 2018, Matthew has been assisting Ben Burne in operating and strengthening the Melee On Demand division.


Bill is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He moved to Westport, Connecticut as a young man where he was schooled and developed a love of sports ( Feel free to ask ! ). He attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he received a degree in hospitality administration. After working in the hospitality industry for a number of years he took a sales and marketing job with Michael Werdiger, Inc a diamond dealer and jewelry manufacturer based in midtown New York. At Michael Werdiger he developed a love of diamonds and after several years took the decision to focus in on a career in diamond buying. Currently, Bill heads up the diamond department at White Pine working on buying, manufacturing and production. in 2011 he was convinced by Ben to focus in on recycled diamonds and joined White Pine where he worked as a diamond buyer, attending the Gemological Institute of America ( GIA ) diamond grading school. All the time he honed his skills in recycled diamonds, diamond grading, diamond valuation and processing.

About White Pine Wholesale

Benjamin Burne established White Pine in 2010 with the aim of revolutionizing the jewelry industry’s use of natural recycled diamond. We are at the forefront of the recycled diamond industry, championing its expansion, the sustainability story of recycled diamonds and the positive effects on employment in North America.

We trade recycled melee diamond, estate jewelry, fine diamond jewelry and certified diamonds.

We buy unwanted and previously owned natural recycled diamonds then remanufacture (VG+ makes using GIA standards) to create tightly calibrated diamond assortments for distribution to jewelry retailers and designers in the US and Canada. All diamonds are tested using the De Beers Synth Detect machine.

White Pine uses its recycled diamonds to manufacture its own Essential Diamond Jewelry collection of diamond basics.

We purchase estate jewelry of all kinds from sources across the industry, then recycle the pieces, selling to retailers across the USA.

Our range of industry services including diamond recutting, diamond sorting, CAD & custom work, jewelry setting, special orders and diamond testing.

White Pine is a well-capitalized business, with an outstanding reputation in the industry and prides itself on providing a consistent and professional service.

Contact Us

Call: (646) 569 3680 

Email: Info@Whitepinediamonds.com

Office: 535 5th Avenue 11th Floor

New York, NY 10017


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