5 key data compliance regulations to know for 2022

Heightened data privacy regulations are coming. However, with so many evolving and industry-specific laws and no sole federal legislation, it can be tough to figure out what applies to your company and what doesn’t. That’s especially true if you’re trying to reduce legal spend and, like around 41% of small businesses, you don’t yet have […]

Top 4 lessons in-house GCs can learn from law firm data breaches

Law firms are “amazing targets on every conceivable level” for cyberattacks, according to K&L Gates partner Jake Bernstein. The combination of large volumes of confidential data, outdated cybersecurity measures, and increasingly sophisticated hackers has resulted in a growing number of significant law firm data breaches. By looking at real-world examples from legal industry peers, general […]

Best 15 Resources to fight implicit bias in the legal profession

As the legal industry continues to ramp up collective efforts to build greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), a key part of achieving that goal is combating implicit biases. These are thoughts and attitudes people are unaware of holding, stemming from their own unique life experiences. In the context of legal DE&I, implicit biases influence […]

Why legacy tech is a legal risk management nightmare?

Poor cybersecurity presents a legal risk to your organization, and, unfortunately, data breaches and cyberattacks are becoming more common. By 2025, a predicted 45% of organizations across the globe will face an attack aimed somewhere at their digital supply chain.​Though it’s not part of traditional business law, legal professionals now have an obligation to understand their options […]

Best 38 legal blogs to follow in 2023

Gone are the days of only being able to learn by slogging through lengthy law books. Legal blogs offer quick, educational content that’s perfect for a mid-morning coffee break or commute. Whether you’re looking for the latest updates on a court case or tips and tricks for building your in-house career, there’s most likely a legal […]

Best 4 hacks to measure legal department KPIs with limited data

Key performance indicators (KPIs) reveal how well a department meets your company’s goals. While reporting on KPIs has not always been standard practice in the legal profession, expectations have changed. Now, legal departments need to be closely aligned with the company vision, budget, and priorities. Unfortunately, many legal operations teams tackle this new challenge without access to […]

Legal spend management: how to reduce your legal spending

Legal spend management is the practice of tracking, analyzing, and optimizing costs incurred by your in-house legal departments and their outside counsel. It involves creating and maintaining systems to keep track of where you spend your money and identifying opportunities to control costs. By introducing a better legal spend management strategy in your organization, you […]

Best 5 ways to get the most value out of law firm metrics

The most effective vendor management happens when legal ops teams treat their outside counsel like pro athletes. Stay with us — both (expensive) parties are hired to fulfill a certain need, whether that’s to handle complex litigation or to lead a more aggressive offense. In the sports world, coaches and GMs determine how well their player is […]

Legal project management: 7 ways legal ops can level up

A legal professional’s most valuable currency is time, and in-house departments are searching for ways to maximize that limited resource. Gartner predicts that in-house legal teams will spend three times more on tech solutions by 2025, especially those that automate repetitive tasks that would otherwise eat up staff time. Tasks like document, matter, and invoice management are common time sinks […]