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Tex Year group, the leader of hot melt glue stick sales volumes all over the world, the biggest manufacturer and export of hot melt adhesive in Taiwan, distributes the glues to more than ninety countries.
Tex Year group, a stock listed company in Taiwan, who was found in 1976 and has 4 decade experiences of techniques of adhesives in cross straight areas, owns the local technical and customer service teams in Taiwan, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Jiangsu, shanghai, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, and Poland.

Taiwan Largest Hot Melt Adhesives Supplier and Manufacturer

TEX YEAR is the largest Hot Melt Adhesives supplier and manufacturer in Taiwan, with over 45 years of RD, productions, and sales experiences. Completely in compliance with RoHS, REACH and other green product certifications, Hot melt adhesive TEX YEAR® is suitable for all kinds of manual/automated production operations. TEX YEAR adhesive consultants and R&D groups are here to meet all of your adhesive needs.

What is a Hot Melt Adhesive?

TEX YEAR® Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA), also known as Hot Melt Glue is a 100% solid thermoplastic resin that liquefy when heated. When it cools, hardens on surfaces, it can bond two non-porous materials within seconds. It contains no solvents, no water, so it is eco-friendly and won’t be moldy. It is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly sold as solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters designed to be applied using a hot glue gun or kinds of applications.

Hot Melt Adhesives Features

Hot melt glue provides several advantages over solvent-based adhesives. Volatile organic compounds(VOCs) are reduced or eliminated, and the drying or curing step is eliminated. Hot melt adhesive has long shelf life and usually can be disposed of without special precautions.

Hot Melt Adhesive Series

There are kinds of hot-melt adhesives with different bases.
◎ EVA Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: economical grade, for general purposes.
◎ TPR / Rubber Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: major types of HMPSA, good cold resistance, and good surface tack, are suitable for lamination under room temperature.
◎ APO / APAO / Polyolefin Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: low odor, safe in operation, low density and dosage-saving, cold& heat resistant, excellent bonding on low polarity materials.
◎ MPO / Metallocene Hot-Melt Adhesive series: low odor, safe in operation, low density and dosage-saving , best thermal stability among all types of hot melt adhesives.
◎ Polyamide Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: resist high heat with the UL94V0 level, suitable for bonding materials hard to bond together.
◎ PUR / Polyurethane Based Hot-Melt Adhesives: moisture curing structural glue, good initial holding strength, strong adhesion, water resistance, extreme temperature resistance.
◎ WBPSA / Water-Based emulsion Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive series: less odor and low VOCs, with balanced performance of peel adhesion, cohesion, and initial tack.
◎ Bio-Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: the Bio-Based content rate is 50%~85%, and has obtained the certificate DIN CERTCO.

Hot-melt adhesives are as numerous as they are versatile. In general, hot melts are applied by extruding, rolling or spraying, and the high melt viscosity makes them ideal for porous and permeable substrates. HMA are capable of bonding an array of different substrates including: rubbers, ceramics, metals, plastics, glass and wood.

For use with hobby or craft projects such as the assembly or repair of remote control foam model aircraft, and artificial floral arrangements, hot-melt sticks and hot-melt glue guns are used in the application of the adhesive. For use in industrial processes, adhesive is supplied in larger sticks and glue guns with higher melting rates.

Aside from hot melt sticks, HMA can be delivered in other formats such as granular or power hot melt blocks for bulk melt processors. Larger applications of HMA traditionally use pneumatic systems to supply adhesive.

Hot Melt Adhesive Applications

Since hot melt adhesive is economic, safe and eco-friendly glue which can be applied to bond diverse range of substrates. Therefore, people tend to use hot melt adhesive in numbers of applications and industries.

◎ Packaging Adhesives:

 In the foods & beverages industry for few decades, such as instant noodles, cookies, beverages, and dairies.

◎ Labels & Tapes Adhesives: 

In addition to the well-known HMPSA, we also offer different types of industrial adhesives. WBPSA are introduced for label and tape industries, while UVPSA are introduced to LCD &backlight module industries.

◎ Woodworking / Funiture Adhesives: 

Wood lamination, edge banding, profile wrapping, anti-slippery carpet, PVC flooring, mattress bonding, pocket spring forming, big area material isolation packaging, which include tile, stone, glass.

◎ Bookbinding Adhesives: 

Full range of product line for bookbinding application, suitable for textbooks, magazines, commercial printings, hardcover books, photo albums and many more.

◎ Automotive Parts Adhesives: 

Automotive interior assembly, automotive headliner, headlamp, air filter, oil filter, and tires.

Hot Melt Adhesive Products High Light



The trend of the global circular economy and the goals of sustainable development of the environment, most of the manufacturing industries nowadays have begun to transform into a one-stop, zero-waste production system from “producing to recycling”. The most challenging aspect of this process is the recycling: if the adhesive cannot be separated from the joining material, the plastic cannot be recycled. Tex Year provides you with a total solution of BIO & GREEN environmental friendly adhesives and Compostable Products!



Tex Year is the globally leading hot melt glue stick company in terms of sales. Our self- produced hot melt glue sticks are characterized with the best quality, which make our customers operation smooth and avoid any unpleasant odors that might impact our olfactory organs adversely. We offer strong adhesion glue sticks with various colors. They can be highly transparent, white, or yellowish.



Tex Year hot melt glue guns, 100% made in Taiwan, easy & safe to use, workable for both thick and thin glue sticks, certified by all the safety regulations, are trustworthy items to all of our customers. We have regular glue guns, DIY job glue guns and continuous duty glue guns, industrial glue guns.



Super glue/ Instant Glue/ Cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA) can be easily used in a wide range of materials. Super glue is high clear, and can dry instantly as well as applied easily. The materials can be bonded with just a little amount of it. Super glue, all-purpose adhesive and 502 adhesive are all the names of instant glue, which is also called Cyanoacrylate adhesive, Quick dry adhesive, Crazy glue and Super-Fast glue.

Looking for Hot-Melt Adhesives?

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CONTACT US if you need further assistance. Our professional team of technical solution will be your strongest back up.

EVA Based Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Polyolefin(MPO/APAO) Based Hot Melt Adhesives

Polyamide Based Hot Melt Adhesives

Polyurethane(PUR) Based Hot Melt Adhesives


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